Your Committee

President Ex officio

  S. Etchell R. Eliot



 Committee Members

C. Boyle      G.Davis J. Widdop  

J. Mowson

J. Lowndes    L. Ridgeway  W. Humphries

D. Humphries




 D. Walker  R. McMillan

D. Ridgeway




Treasurer / Co. Secretary


Co. Secretary/ Committee  

 T. Hucknall J. Michell Fox


The club is managed by a committee consisting of 8 elected committee members plus a secretary,

Treasurer and 3 nominated trustees, headed by the elected ‘President’

All officials are elected by the membership.

All committee members are elected to sit on the management committee for a period of two years

after which the position becomes available for re-election.


Each year the president of the club nominates a charity for any funds raised within that year


This years Charity is for 2013

To Be Announced soon



2012 - Friends of Clifton park Amount Raised £

See Friends of Clifton park for more information on the parks history

2011 - multiple sclerosis Amount Raised £

2010 - Samaritans Amount Raised £